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Weatherwood Stains

Pining 6 QUARTS

Pining 6 QUARTS

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This order is for a CASE PACK of 6 Quarts.

Silvery gray on LOW-tannin woods, like PINE, POPLAR, PALLET WOOD | EXTERIOR & INTERIOR | VOC Free

PINING Stain is a reactive wood stain that oxidizes wood, just like nature, to create beautiful shades of GRAY with browns, even on low tannin wood! Pining is especially great at weathering LOW tannin woods including, like pine, white fir, spruce, and poplar, but it can be used on any wood type. 
​PINING can be applied 3 different ways.

  • For a light color, apply the stain and wipe it back off.
  • For a medium color, drench the wood and allow the wood to absorb the stain.
  • For an even darker look, apply multiple coats of stain to achieve your perfect shade. 

It is an Interior stain, suitable for hardwoods, soft woods, veneers, & reclaimed wood:               
  • EXTERIOR WATERPROOFER MUST be applied. For Exteriors projects, use with Weatherwood Exterior Sealer.
  • INTERIORS where someone will touch the wood need a topcoat, especially floors, cabinetry and furniture. Seal with your favorite Weatherwood Stains topcoat. [link]

​SIZES: Nearly all products come in the following 3 sizes: Quart, Gallon, & 5 Gallon. 

COVERAGE: Quart 100 sq. ft. | Gallon 400 sq. ft. ​​

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