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General Finishes

CLEAR General Finishes Seal-a-cell GALLON

CLEAR General Finishes Seal-a-cell GALLON

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An unusual combination of oils, urethanes, and wax, Seal-A-Cell Clear has served craftsman for decades as the best wipe-on clear coat to get that "natural" look on beautiful woods. The oils penetrate deep into the wood to highlight the figure of the wood, and the urethane ensures durability. Seal-A-Cell is to be used as a basecoat for GF Arm-R-Seal but can be used as a stand-alone finish. Use as a wood conditioner to control the penetration of stains or intermix with GF oil-based stains to dilute or create custom colors. 


How To Apply General Finishes Seal-A-Cell

Seal-A-Cell Application Steps:

  1. Watch Seal-A-Cell Product Overview Video 
  2. Work in a well-ventilated area. 
  3. Stir thoroughly to reincorporate solids that have settled to the bottom of the can before use. 
  4. Test for adhesion 
  5. Apply 1-2 coats. 
  6. Apply a liberal amount of product using a natural bristle brush, foam brush, pad applicator, staining pad or cotton cloth. Wipe along the wood grain using smooth, even strokes. Avoid heavy pressure and back brushing. 
  7. Wipe off excess evenly with the grain and with light pressure using a cloth or absorbent paper towel. 
  8. Apply first coat of topcoat before sanding. 

Topcoat:  Topcoat with Arm-R-Seal or Gel Topcoat to enhance durability.

Application As A Wood Conditioner

  1. Seal-A-Cell can be used to control stain penetration and prevent blotching on difficult-to-stain woods such as cherry, poplar, and pine.
  2. Apply one coat with a brush or rag, then wipe off excess. Immediately apply General Finishes Oil Based Gel Stain or Liquid Oil Based Stain over wet Seal-A-Cell.
  3. Let dry overnight
  4. Topcoat with General Finishes Arm-R-Seal or Gel Satin Topcoat. Seal-A-Cell has a very small amount of wax, but not enough to interfere with adhesion.
  5. When using wood conditioners, the stain color will be 20% lighter. Apply a second coat for a deeper, richer color if desired. 

Creating Custom Oil Based Stain Colors

  1. Seal-A-Cell can be used as an oil based clear stain base. 
  2. Add universal tints to Seal-A-Cell to achieve custom colored stains.
  3. To dilute or lighten the color of General Finishes oil-based stains, add Seal-A-Cell Clear.

High Use Surfaces

  1. Seal-A-Cell is durable as a stand-alone finish on a table top, but if you are refinishing a high-use surface that will make regular contact with water, household chemicals and wear, we recommend using Arm-R-Seal instead. Seal-A-Cell has modified linseed oil which will pop the grain more, but Arm-R-Seal is more durable overall because of its high urethane content.
  2. To get the best of both finishes, apply a base coat of Seal-A-Cell to pop the wood grain and then top that with 2 coats Arm-R-Seal for durability. Let Seal-A-Cell dry completely before adding a second coat. 
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